The father factor

Using research and an evidence-base, you, your government, NGO or community can increase father-involvement, improve the lives of children and reverse negative trends in a startlingly wide range of social issues across Africa.

Shout Fatherhood!

Campaign, engage, bring men in as non-violent, caring fathers and partners, you will see community-wide benefits in health outcomes, gender equality, and quality of life. Put fatherhood on the agenda in your community.

Fatherhood & You

We need you! We research and report on fatherhood across Africa. If you are working on parenting and fatherhood in any way, e.g parenting, support groups, work with fathers, research, policy and advocacy let us know! Join us!

Start a Fathers Group

Get up, do something! Help fathers-to-be learn tangible skills: how to change, wash, dress and hold their babies, as well as intangible ones that give men the confidence to be involved in caregiving and childrearing at home.

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The father factor - children whose fathers are actively involved in their lives do better than children whose fathers aren’t around.

They are less prone to depression. They have better social skills. And they are more likely to become good parents themselves. Responsible fathering means establishing paternity, being present in the child’s life (even if divorced or unmarried), sharing economic support, and being personally involved in the child’s life in collaboration with the mother.
The website contains practical information for fathers at various stages of fatherhood, as well as information related to policy, research, and social frameworks that focus on or relate to the importance of fathers. It intends to identify gaps in knowledge and provides links to studies and papers that have been done on fathers in Africa.
The Africa Fatherhood Initiative uses other web-based social networking and marketing tools to extend it’s reach. It currently has a Facebook group that allows fathers to network, post photos and videos, post events, comments, articles, and links related to fathering. a You Tube video channel where visitors can watch or post their own videos, make comments, and add links.
The Africa Fatherhood Initiative has an advocacy arm that raises awareness around issues of fathering, and develops partnerships, networks, and media coverage to gain exposure for the topic of fatherhood at national and continental mass media levels. Our campaigns include encouraging fathers to register themselves on their children’s birth certificates and pushing for maternity services to engage more effectively with fathers.
The Africa Fatherhood Initiative provides support for the formation of other chapters of African Fathers across the continent.


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